Treeworks Tabletop Chimes w/Steel Stand

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Perform upcoming seasonal music with a tabletop chime - placed near the bells, right on the table pad!

Crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, by TreeWorks. 

There is no need for a separate stand and bracket, or even for an extra person to play -- any ringer can do the job from the table!  These chimes have a clear sound that will not overpower the bellchoir. 


  • Medium Chime with solid 1/4" hand-bent steel table stand
  • Wood: Hand-finished Tennessee White Ash Mantle - Handmade in Nashville, Tenn 
  • Hand-tied w/ braided CordLoc to last (NO PLASTIC TIES)  
  • Polished & T-6 Tempered bars for brilliant tone
  • 3/8-inch thick solid Aluminum/Titanium alloy
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