TreeWorks Chime - 20 Bar Single Row

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This Treeworks® handcrafted studio percussion chimes has been specially selected by HANDBELL SERVICES for use with handbell ensembles.  It is made in Nashville, Tennessee, by TreeWorks.  

  • 20 individually tuned bars
  • Wood: White Ash
  • Each bar is 3/8" thick titanium/aluminum alloy, polished and tempered for clear, bright tone, and perfect for live performances.  
  • Each bar is individually hand-tied to the blond ashwood mantle with CordLock, a super-strong micro-braid that can hold up to 50 pounds!  The braid is then "fused" with resin for even greater strength.


Chime Mount Bracket: designed to be used with most manufactures' chimes, it attaches to most music or percussion stands, offering a free-standing support.

Gig Bag - TRE-18 - chime case
From the manufacturer: "We never paint, tint, dip, anodize or plate the bars, since this adversely affects the sound.  An art unto itself, the chimes are tuned by ear, with a gradual change in pitch, one at a time, bar by bar.  No preset, assembly-line cutting".




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