TreeWorks Chime - 20 Bar Single Row

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This Treeworks® handcrafted studio percussion chimes has been specially selected for use with handbell ensembles.  

It is made in Nashville, Tennessee, by TreeWorks.  

From the manufacturer: "We never paint, tint, dip, anodize or plate the bars, since this adversely affects the sound.  An art unto itself, the chimes are tuned by ear, with a gradual change in pitch, one at a time, bar by bar.  No preset, assembly-line cutting".

  • 20 individually tuned bars
  • Wood: White Ash
  • Each bar is 3/8" thick titanium/aluminum alloy, polished and tempered for clear, bright tone, and perfect for live performances.  
  • Each bar is individually hand-tied to the blond ashwood mantle with CordLock, a super-strong micro-braid that can hold up to 50 pounds!  The braid is then "fused" with resin for even greater strength.
We suggest using the TreeWorks' Chime Mount Bracket. Designed to be used with most manufactures' chimes, it attaches to most music or percussion stands, offering a free-standing support
We also suggest the carrying "gig bag", TRE-18, since it is awkward to travel with or to store windchimes.




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