Piccolo Triangle - 4"

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4" bronze piccolo triangle.

We sought a triangle that gave a clear, "golden" tone that didn't overpower a set of handbells.  We tried many -- and found many that were less expensive that had a tinny, jangled overtone sound that didn't resonate or blend with three octaves of bells.

But this one does blend beautifully.  It is more expensive than cheap, quickly-available ones -- but you will notice the beautiful sound right away, and our choice is always quality of sound when there's a choice.

  • The bronze alloy gives a clearer, lighter resonating sound
  • Custom-selected to complement, not 'compete', with English handbells
  • Perfect for lighter applications and smaller ensembles
  • Manufactured by Grover Pro Percussion, with a carrying case.
  • We suggest considering a triangle holder that attaches to a music stand (for ease of play), and a beater set to give a variety of dynamics



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