Piccolo Triangle - 4"

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Handbell Services choice! 4" (on each side) bronze piccolo triangle, best for handbells.

We sought a triangle that gave a clear, "golden" tone that didn't overpower a set of handbells.  We tried many – and found many that were less expensive that had a tinny, jangled overtone sound that didn't resonate or blend with three octaves of bells.

But this piccolo triangle blends beautifully.  It is more expensive than cheap and thinner ones, but you will notice the beautiful sound of this one right away.  Our choice is always quality of sound.

  • The bronze alloy gives a clearer, lighter resonating sound
  • Custom-selected to complement, not compete, with English handbells
  • Perfect for lighter applications and smaller ensembles
  • Manufactured by Grover Pro Percussion, with a carrying case
  • The color matches the handbell choir
  • We suggest considering a triangle holder that attaches to a music stand (for ease of play), and a triangle mallet set to offer a variety of brightness



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