Percussion instruments are used regularly in handbell and handchime arrangements -- and Handbell Services has taken the guessing game away for handbell musicians.

We have carefully selected non-pitched, hand-held percussion instruments to complement handbell/handchime choirs. 

These selections do not overwhelm any choir -- each has been carefully selected from a variety of brands and styles, and tested by several handbell ensembles.  We offer less choice -- but each perfectly fits with almost every piece written for bell and chimes.

Quality instruments for quality ensembles.  You'll notice the difference.  

  • Guiro

    This product is currently out of stock.  We plan to restore its availability in the coming months. A guiro (gwee'-row) is an Afro-Latin instrument that is commonly used with handbell percussion parts.   It fits best when used with other...
  • Maracas

    These are RhythmTech plastic fiber maracas, specially selected by Handbell Services, and come as a pair. They work particularly well with handbells because they have a "light" maracas sound that blends with a set of bells, rather than with a heavy...
  • Piccolo Triangle - 4"

    4" (on each side) bronze piccolo triangle. We sought a triangle that gave a clear, "golden" tone that didn't overpower a set of handbells.  We tried many – and found many that were less expensive that had a tinny, jangled overtone sound that...
  • Rhythm Tech Tambourine, brass jingles

    Rhythm Tech Tambourine The brass jingles offer a deeper, richer sound than nickel jingles. The crescent-shaped tambourine is easy to grip and easy to maneuver.  • Black with polished brass jingles - a thoroughly professional...
  • RhythmTech Trigger Triangle (w/ stand)

    This is a "triangle solution" for any handbell choir  -- the triangle and frame fit right on top of table foam, and can be placed near the ringer that needs to play a quick triangle part that appears in the music. • Includes Triangle, mounting...
  • Sleigh Bells

    These are genuine sleigh bells, not cheap jingly imitations. They are made by Latin Percussion, and work perfectly in performance with handbell choirs.   There are twelve "jingles" on a strong wooden frame, enough to perfectly make the...
  • TreeWorks Chime - 20 Bar Single Row

    This Treeworks® handcrafted studio percussion chimes has been specially selected for use with handbell ensembles.   It is made in Nashville, Tennessee, by TreeWorks.   From the manufacturer: "We never paint, tint, dip, anodize or...
  • TreeWorks Chime Mounting Bracket - Black

    Our TreeWorks® bracket is designed specifically to hold all styles of hanging performance chimes.   It offers a sturdy and secure placement for ease in performance and as a visual enhancement for the audience. Strong, secure mount with...
  • TreeWorks Soft-sided Gig Bag

    This is a musician's "gig bag" -- a carrying case for your windchimes.  Fits all sizes of wind chimes. It is a soft-sided case that will securely hold medium-size TreeWorks windchimes for easy storage and for easy carrying to a performance site...
  • Treeworks Tabletop Chimes with Wire Stand

    Perform upcoming seasonal music with a tabletop windchime -- placed near the bells, right on the table foam! Crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, by TreeWorks.  There is no need for a separate stand and bracket, or even for an extra person to play --...
  • Triangle Mallet Set

    Danmar Triangle Mallet Set Professional-level beaters that let the player blend the triangle sound perfectly with any handbell ensemble. three sizes the various thicknesses offers different qualities of sound chrome steel with rubber...
  • Wood Block

    We wanted to select a wood block which would produce a clear sharp tone, while not overpowering the sound of handbells.  This wood block is what we picked; a quality wood block with excellent tone, playable with a medium-soft handbell mallet. The...