Gifts - general

Gifts - general



  • LED Shapelight

    Light-up handbell keyring; makes a great gift for ringers! • Flat key light made with a soft foam padding, covered with durable PVC• Powered by one LED bulb• Clapper lights up with a squeeze • Lasts for years of regular use  
  • Luggage  Tag  (4 colors)

    Luggage Tag (4 colors)

    Easily locate your luggage at the airport carousel when you attach our bright and colorful ID tag!  Using two different colored tags also offers a practical way to separate bell and chime cases. Soft vinyl pouch w/ matching strap Business...
  • Notecard - "Ringing Techniques"

    This notecard design was introduced in 2001 as one of our first products, and still is as popular as ever.   We've updated the paper and colors to give it a fresh look. Designed created by Millie Janka 2 color combinations in each packet -...
  • Pencil Pack (handbells or handchimes)

    Contemporary and stylish pencils foil-wrapped in silver or gold.   Inexpensive enough to give to each member of your music classroom or an entire handbell choir. Each package includes 12 graphite, #2 pencils Available in foil designs: 1)...