Equipment & Supplies

Equipment & Supplies

Quality equipment and supplies created for handbell musicians. From custom-cut table foam, to hand-selected hand-held percussion instruments, to the best polishing cream and cloths on the market, Handbell Services offers a full range of products that are guaranteed to do the job.

  • Guiro

    This product is currently out of stock.  We plan to restore its availability in the coming months. A guiro (gwee'-row) is an Afro-Latin instrument that is commonly used with handbell percussion parts.   It fits best when used with other...
  • Maracas

    These are RhythmTech plastic fiber maracas, specially selected by Handbell Services, and come as a pair. They work particularly well with handbells because they have a "light" maracas sound that blends with a set of bells, rather than with a heavy...
  • Music Light, Duet LED - Black

    Music Light, Duet LED - Black

     Need extra light in your rehearsal room? Do you find performance venues not offering consistent lighting?  Does your church's sanctuary dim all the lights for Christmas Eve?   Our Mighty Bright light offers a great solution and at a...
  • Multi-color clips Black clips

    Page Turn Clips - multi color & black

    Summer Sale -- 10% off to August 31. Use our amazing clips for easy and efficient page turning -- especially while wearing gloves, because the wide grip makes it simple to grab and turn each page. Each plastic clip slides on the music with ease, and...
  • On Sale

    Pencil Pack (handbells or handchimes)

    Now: $5.40
    Was: $6.00
    Summer Sale -- 10% off to August 31. Contemporary and stylish pencils foil-wrapped in silver or gold.   Inexpensive enough to give to each member of your music classroom or an entire handbell choir. Each package includes 12 graphite, #2...
  • On Sale

    Pencil Pack - multi-colored handbell design

    Now: $5.40
    Was: $6.00
    Summer Sale -- 10% off to August 31. Our popular handbell designed-pencil is now available in a bright, multi-colored foil wrap.   Package includes 12 graphite, #2 pencils black matte finish, black eraser, black ferrule 
  • Rhythm Tech Tambourine, brass jingles

    Rhythm Tech Tambourine The brass jingles offer a deeper, richer sound than nickel jingles. The crescent-shaped tambourine is easy to grip and easy to maneuver.  • Black with polished brass jingles - a thoroughly professional...
  • RhythmTech Trigger Triangle (w/ stand)

    This is a "triangle solution" for any handbell choir  -- the triangle and frame fit right on top of table foam, and can be placed near the ringer that needs to play a quick triangle part that appears in the music. • Includes Triangle, mounting...
  • Sleigh Bells

    These are genuine sleigh bells, not cheap jingly imitations. They are made by Latin Percussion, and work perfectly in performance with handbell choirs.   There are twelve "jingles" on a strong wooden frame, enough to perfectly make the...
  • Compressed foam pad

    Table Foam Pads

    $8.00 - $68.00
    Special Instructions: the overall dimension of your foam order may be too large for our online store to calculate shipping costs.  To complete your order please call us directly at 1-800-37-BELLS (372-3557).  'definitely worth the call!...