Deneen Pottery

Deneen Pottery

Deneen Pottery is a family owned business, located in the Midway neighborhood, St Pauls, MN.  Each hand-thrown coffee mug is touched by over 24 pairs of hands, and although amazingly uniform, no two are exactly the same.  

Selecting glaze colors was not easy; there were so many choices.  We ended up deciding on four, fun colored glazes for the Spring.  

We hope you enjoy what we offer - a colorful collection for your pleasure.

  • Stoneware Mug - w/ bell & clef medallion

    Stoneware Mug - w/ bell & clef medallion

    Summer Sale 2020.  20% off until July 31, then 15% off to August 16, then 10% off until August 31.  The discount will appear in your cart. Handmade beautiful and colorful stoneware mug from Deneen Pottery, St Paul, MN.  The style...