What does retirement mean?

What does retirement mean?

Hello Friends ~

For the past several weeks I've been spending time pondering over my future and deciding how to move through my retirement years.  Of course family is a priority, including my two wonderful grandboys.  However, do I read more books?  Do I increase the time I'm spending weaving and painting, two crafts I enjoy.  Do I look for a part-time job (there are so many choices now available)? Then it hit me!  Why am I looking outside of my own space?  I don't need to retire! I can continue what I love doing - offering a unique niche within the handbell industry.

Debbie Rice, a special friend and colleague recently told me how much Handbell Services has meant to the ringing community for the past thirty years.  I appreciated hearing this!  Yes, HSI is unique.  Our gift products offer customers a place to purchase special gifts that speak to her/his love of ringing handbells or handchimes.   This cannot be found anywhere else!

A lot of energy goes into developing a new handcrafted product.  I spend a lot of time searching for that special artist who will take my ideas and my designs, then work with me to create a product just for you.  When a new product is finished and a sample is shipped to me, it's like watching a new flower grow from seed to a colorful display.  It's a very satisfying process. 

So my decision today is why reinvent the wheel and work outside of my community.  Handbell Services' ecommerce catalog makes it easy and convenient for you.  Trust that Handbell Services will always offer quality in all products offered.

General industry prices have gone up, especially for organic materials, so you'll notice an increase in prices of stoneware, jewelry, and textiles as you visit the online store. Think of what you'd pay for a pottery mug or a piece of quality handmade jewelry in a gallery or special gift shop. Handbell Services can be thought of the same way - offering only quality products that will be enjoyed by both the giver and the receiver.

I love what I do...why go anywhere else?

~ Susan 

Jul 12th 2021 Susan Berry

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