Handbell Services Inc (Susan and Dave Berry) has been a part of the handbell world for 28 years, and have created a unique set of products specifically for the handbell world.  You can see them all here on our website.

One of the major services we provide for the handbell community is Bellfry-in-a-Box — sending a box of our products to medium and small handbell rings around the country. 

We will ship a box of our products to you to set up as a “store” on site, and ask you to return the products not sold for full credit.  When the leftovers return to us, we’ll send a check for 25% of the products sold.  Your only expense will be the cost of returning the depleted box, and this could be very profitable for your event.

This involves a person to set up a table or two, “run the store” during each day, and return the extras.  You will need about 30-40 registrants to make this work in the Midwest/Mideast, 40-50 registrants in the Northeast/South/West, to cover the return shipping cost of the box.

If you are interested, please send an email to Dave Berry at — we'll communicate, and I'll send the exact details along when needed.

Dave Berry

or 800 37-BELLS to talk to me directly (leave a message if not in)