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Bell Basics was one of the first instructional videos offered in the handbell community, circa 1985.  It was written and taught by Susan Berry (owner of Handbell Services Inc) and produced by David Weck, director of the handbell catalogue at Hope Publishing, Chicago.  It is currently in DVD format.
It remains, after over 35 years, the best teaching aid for beginning handbell choirs and for teachers new to teaching handbells.  The advice remains unequaled.  The clothing is outdated, to be sure, and everyone in the video is older now -- but you will soon find that this "datedness" fades as you are caught up in the instruction. 
The advice presented is "spot-on" to this day -- a logical, easily-understood primer of how to set up and begin a handbell choir, how to teach handbell basics, and how to recognize problems within a handbell ensemble.
Everything featured is important -- equipment needs, correct ringing techniques, proper bell assignments, spotting errors, and all else needed to become a competent director and ringer.
The handbell world has long recognized Susan and David as pioneers in handbell education, and the handbell choir in this video are not "beginners" -- they were (and are) the well-known Agape Ringers, one of the pre-eminent handbell choirs of the last half-century -- who allowed themselves to be "taught and corrected" on camera by Susan and David.  So this video is "the best" teaching "the best" -- all to help a new director or a new handbell choir find their way.
It is great teaching that cannot go out of style, because there is a proper way to play handbells and there is a proper way to lead a handbell choir.   This DVD is the real deal, well worth the cost.


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