• DuoFlex LED Music Light Kit

    DuoFlex LED Music Light Kit

    Do you need extra light in your rehearsal room?  Do you find your performance spaces not offering consistent lighting?   The DuoFlex light - two lights on each end, four LED lights in all - offers a great solution.  Dual-headed,...
  • Luggage  Tag  (4 colors)

    Luggage Tag (4 colors)

    Easily locate your luggage at the airport carousel when you attach our bright and colorful ID tag!  Using two different colored tags also offers a practical way to separate bell and chime cases, and assures that you have the correct bell cases when...
  • Multi-color clips Black clips

    Page Turn Clips - multi color & black

    Use our amazing clips for easy and efficient page turning -- especially while wearing gloves, because the wide grip makes it simple to grab and turn each page. Each plastic clip slides onto the music with ease, and won't bend the page. Makes turning...
  • Pencil Pack - handbells

    Pencil Pack - handbells

    Contemporary and stylish pencils foil-wrapped in metallic handbells: gold, silver, or multi-colored.   Inexpensive enough to give to each member of your music classroom or an entire handbell choir. Each package includes 12 graphite, #2...
  • Bag - opened Connected pouch - front and back

    Reusable Tote Bag

    NEW!  Our custom-made reusable bag conveniently stuffs into it own attached built-in pouch.  Small and compact, the ChicoBag® will fit snuggly into your pocket or purse.  It's a great size for a few groceries, trip to the store, or...
  • Triangle Mallet Set

    Handbell Services choice!  Danmar Triangle Mallet Set, for great blending triangle sounds. Professional-level beaters that let the player blend the triangle sound perfectly with any handbell music that asks for triangle parts (and there are a lot...