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Colorful, fun pencil designs  

  • Comes in both handbell and handchime designs
  • Black pencil; black matte finish, black ferrule
  • Strong graphite lead and non-wax wood
  • Pencil Pack (handbells or handchimes)
    $6.00 Choose Options Pencil Pack (handbells or handchimes)
    Contemporary and stylish pencils foil-wrapped in silver or gold.   Inexpensive enough to give to each member of your music classroom or an entire handbell choir. Each package includes 12 graphite, #2...

  • Pencil Pack - multi-colored handbell design
    $6.00 Pencil Pack - multi-colored handbell design
    Our popular handbell designed-pencil is now available in a bright, multi-colored foil wrap.   Package includes 12 graphite, #2 pencils black matte finish, black eraser, black...